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Our faculty is an energetic and diverse group of specialists with backgrounds in a variety of core disciplines including Anesthesiology, Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, Respirology and Surgery. Most of us remain active in clinical practice in our base specialties as well as in Critical Care, and we are all active in advancing and supporting the academic mandate of our Program, including education and research.

Dr.  Ashiq  Islam
Assistant Professor,…
Dr.  David  Maslove
Assistant Professor, Internal…
Dr.  Gordon Boyd
Assistant Professor
Dr.  Suzanne Bridge
Residency Program Director
Dr.  Christine D'Arsigny
Associate Professor
Dr.  John  Drover
Dr.  Jonathan Eisenstat
Assistant Professor
Dr.  Jason Erb
Assistant Professor,…
Dr.  Imelda M.  Galvin
Assistant Professor,…
   Paul Heffernan
Assistant Professor
Dr.  Daren Heyland
Professor, Internal Medicine…
Dr.  Hailey Hobbs
Assistant Professor, Critical…
Dr.  Daniel Howes
Department Head
Dr.  Lisa Huzel
Assistant Professor,…
Dr.  John  Maybee
Assistant Professor,…
Dr.   David Messenger
Associate Professor,…
Dr.  John Muscedere
Professor, Critical Care…
Dr.  Christopher Parker
Associate Professor,…
Dr.  Stephanie  Sibley
Assistant Professor,…
Dr.  Karim Soliman
Chief, Critical Care…
Dr.  Kavita Sridhar
Oshawa Site Education Lead
Dr.  Carolyn Tram
Assistant Professor
Dr.  Randy Wax
Associate Professor,…