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Dr. Kavita Sridhar MD, MHSc, FRCPC
Dr. Kavita Sridhar
Oshawa Site Education Lead
Assistant Professor
Internal Medicine / Critical Care
Staff Critical Care Physician, Department of Emergency Medicine and Critical Care
Education Lead for Critical Care (Regional Clinical Teaching Unit Lead - Critical Care
Contact Info

Medical School University of Ottawa, graduated 2005
Residency University of Ottawa, Internal Medicine 2005-2008
Fellowship Critical Care Medicine, University of Calgary 2008-2010
Master’s Degree Bioethics at the Joint Centre for Bioethics, University of Toronto 2010-2012
Previous employment Clinical Associate in Critical Care at Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto ON
Clinical and Academic Interests

Bioethics and end-of-life care
Education of trainees
Simulation models in education

Current Positions

Education and High-Fidelity Simulation Lead, Critical Care section, Lakeridge Health

Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, Queen's University

Lecturer, Department of Medicine, University of Toronto 

Sub-Investigator to Primary Investigator, EUPHRATES clinical trial, Lakeridge Health 

Sub-Investigator to Primary Investigator, ATHOS clinical trial, Lakeridge Health

Wightman-Berris Academy Pre-clerkship Mentorship Program, UGME, University of Toronto 

Wightman-Berris Academy, Undergraduate Medical Education Seminar Facilitator, University of Toronto

Current Committees

Ethics Committee, Lakeridge Health

Emergency Preparedness Committee, Lakeridge Health

CrCU Palliative Compassion Care Working Group, Lakeridge Health

Resuscitation Committee, Lakeridge Health 

Withdrawal of Life Sustaining Therapy working group, Canadian Critical Care Society 

Palliative Sedation Therapy working group, Lakeridge Health 

Transfusion Committee – ad hoc member, Lakeridge Health

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