Department of Critical Care Medicine
School of Medicine Queen's University

CCM Subspecialty Residents

Our Critical Care Residency Program accepts between two to four residents per year.  We welcome applicants from Internal Medicine, Surgery, Emergency Medicine and Anesthesiology.  Our graduates are leaders in clinical and academic Critical Care in Canada and around the world.  For information on the Critical Care Training Program, please see the Education section of our website or contact our Education Program Assistant, Laura Jaques .

Current Residents (2017-2018)
Dr. Fadi Al-Sulaimi Internal Medicine/Critical Care
Dr. Bryn Fell Internal Medicine/Critical Care
Dr. Ryan Kroll Internal Medicine/Critical Care
Dr. Phil Laird Internal Medicine/Critical Care
Dr. Caitlin McCallum, ICU Chief Internal Medicine/Critical Care
Dr. Khalid Tahir Internal Medicine/Critical Care
Dr. Mohammed Al-Shamsi Emergency Medicine/Critical Care
Dr. Stuart Douglas Emergency Medicine/Critical Care
Dr. Mackenzie Howatt Emergency Medicine/Critical Care
Dr. Matthew White Emergency Medicine/Critical Care
Dr. Jordan Leitch Anesthesiology/Critical Care


Graduates of our Program 
Dr. Louis-Philippe Gagnon Internal Medicine/Critical Care 2017
Dr. Craig Holt Internal Medicine/Critical Care 2017
Dr. Colin Mercer Emergency Medicine/Critical Care 2017
Dr. Nicole Rocca Emergency Medicine/Critical Care 2017
Dr. Houda Al Khalili Internal Medicine/Critical Care 2017
Dr. Ali Al Shidi Internal Medicine/Critical Care 2017
Dr. Amer Assiri Internal Medicine/Critical Care 2015
Dr. Blair MacDonald General Surgery/Critical Care 2015
Dr. Hassan Masri Internal Medicine/Critical Care 2015
Dr. Stephanie Sibley Emergency Medicine/Critical Care 2015
Dr. Ryan Mahaffey Anesthesiology / Critical Care 2014
Dr. Mariam Harrison Respirology / Critical Care 2013
Dr. Benoit Duhaime Anesthesiology / Critical Care 2013
Dr. Gord Boyd Neurology / Critical Care 2013
Dr. Stacy Ridi Anesthesiology / Critical Care 2012
Dr. Kyle McKechnie Anesthesiology / Critical Care 2011
Dr. Paul Heffernan Respirology / Critical Care 2011
Dr. David Robertson General Surgery / Critical Care 2010
Dr. Mohammed Al-Gethami Respirology / Critical Care 2010
Dr. Chris McColl Internal Medicine / Critical Care 2010
Dr. Jason Erb Anesthesiology / Critical Care 2009
Dr. Ahmed Alenezi Respirology / Critical Care 2009
Dr. Bruce Cload Emergency Medicine / Critical Care 2009
Dr. David Messenger Emergency Medicine / Critical Care 2008
Dr. Eric Saettler General Surgery / Critical Care 2008
Dr. Christopher Parker Respirology / Critical Care 2006
Dr. Sam Minor General Surgery / Critical Care 2006
Dr. Robert Anderson Anesthesiology / Critical Care 2006
Dr. Maxim Hansen General Surgery / Critical Care 2005
Dr. Jennifer Hancock Internal Medicine / Critical Care 2005
Dr. Jason Lord Emergency Medicine / Critical Care 2004
Dr. Andrew Samis General Surgery / Critical Care 2003
Dr. Darren Hudson Internal Medicine / Critical Care 2001
Dr. Dan Howes Emergency Medicine / Critical Care 2000
Dr. Shaun MacDonald General Surgery / Critical Care 1997
Dr. Christine D'Arsigny Respirology / Critical Care 1997
Dr. Stewart Aitken Internal Medicine / Critical Care 1997
Dr. Larry Milosevic Internal Medicine / Critical Care 1996
Dr. Peter Lovrics General Surgery / Critical Care 1995
Dr. John Drover General Surgery / Critical Care 1994
Dr. Kris Kruczynski Internal Medicine / Critical Care 1993
Dr. Gordon Wood Anesthesiology / Critical Care 1991