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CCM Fellows' Teaching Rounds


Department of Critical Care Medicine, Queen’s University

  • 12:30 – 13:30:  Protected Preparatory Time
  • 13:30 – 16:00:  Zoom
  • *There is sometimes a sim session for ICU fellows from 13:00 - 14:00 (noted on schedule)




Wednesday, January 13

Covid-19 Visiting Policies in Canada

Dr. Kirsten Fiest (guest speaker)

Thursday, January 21

Approach to Interstitial Lung Disease

Dr. Paul Heffernan

Wednesday, January 27

Critical Appraisal I

Dr. Stephanie Sibley and Dr. David Maslove

Wednesday, February 3

Critical Appraisal II

Dr. Stephanie Sibley and Dr. David Maslove

Wednesday, February 10

The Difficult to Wean Patient - Assessment and Management Strategies

Dr. Christine D'Arsigny
Thursday, February 18

Oncologic Emergencies in the Critical Care, Critical Illness related to Cancer and Cancer Therapy

Dr. Paul Heffernan

Wednesday, February 24


February 22-26

Critical Illness in Pregnancy I


Academic Advisor Meeting Week 

Dr. Suzanne Bridge




Wednesday, March 3 Critical Illness in Pregnancy II Dr. Suzanne Bridge
Wednesday, March 10 MCCKAP Exam   
Wednesday, March 17 Sedation and Analgesia in the Critically Ill: Challenges, Controversies and Best Practices Dr. Hailey Hobbs

Wednesday, March 24
1-4 pm

Trauma and Toxicology Simulation 
New Medical Building
½ the group at 1 pm, ½ the group at 2:30 pm
Dr. Stephanie Sibley
Wednesday, March 31st Communications  Dr. Suzanne Bridge, Dr. Sue Moffatt, Cathy MacGillivary 

April 8

Endocrine Dysfunction and Critical Illness Dr. Paul Heffernan
Wednesday, April 14 Assessment and Management of Pulmonary Hypertention in the ICU Dr. Christine D'Arsigny
Wednesday, April 21 Delirium, Agitation and Sleep Disturbances Dr. Gord Boyd 
Wednesday, April 28 Environment Exposures (Burns, Drowning, Biologic, Chemical, Electrical, Radiation) Dr. Stephanie Sibley
Wednesday, May 5 Neurologic Monitoring Techniques and their application in the ICU, Diagnostic Imaging of the Neuro System Dr. Gord Boyd
Wednesday, May 12 Transfusion and Blood Component Therapy in CCM  Dr. Jason Erb
Wednesday, May 19 Patient Safety and QI Dr. Hailey Hobbs

May 27

Infectious Complications in the ICU (nosocomial, fungal, etc.) Dr. Gerald Evans 
May 31-June 4 Academic Advisor Meeting Week  
Wednesday, June 9 Management of the Transplant Patient

Dr. Lorenzo Del Sorbo
University of Toronto

Wednesday, June 16 Management and Complications of Multi-systems Trauma Dr. John Drover
Wednesday, June 23 Fellows Check in Dr. Suzanne Bridge