Department of Critical Care Medicine
School of Medicine Queen's University

Welcome from the Department Head

I am pleased to introduce you to the Department of Critical Care Medicine at Queen’s University. We have a high-caliber team of professionals who work within the department including all of those associated with the Critical Care Program at Kingston General Hospital. The clinical activities of the Critical Care Program are housed at the Kingston General Hospital. We have gone through extensive renovation with construction over the past decade and have finally opened our new physical space. We now have available our closed medical model 33 bed Level 3 ICU in the Kidd 2 wing of the hospital. In addition, there is a Level 2 ICU on Davies 4 that is run as an open medical model critical care area for non-ventilated critically ill patients.

The Critical Care Program also runs the RACE (Rapid Assessment of Clinical Events) Team under the capable leadership of Dr. Dan Howes, Medical Director. Dr. Howes is also the Medical Director for the trauma team and many of the trauma team leaders are members of the critical care faculty. These two teams are encompassed under the umbrella of resuscitation medicine as Dr. Howes is also the founder and director of the  Kingston Resuscitation Institute (KRI) which includes a resuscitation fellowship.

The Critical Care Program has been a leader in patient safety within the hospital. We have a Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Committee that is co-chaired by Dr. Roy Ilan and Christine Panopoulos-Rowe. Under their leadership the Critical Care Program was awarded the inaugural KGH Team Award for Leadership in 2011.

We have training programs in many disciplines within the context of the hospital and the University. Residents from many disciplines rotate through the ICU as part of their core training for various specialties. There has been a training program in Critical Care Medicine since it became recognized as a subspecialty by the Royal College. This now includes a site at Lakeridge Health in Oshawa, ON. You'll find more information about this program on our website. Training for Critical Care Nurses, Registered Respiratory Therapists and other Allied health professionals occurs within the Critical Care Program.

Many of the critical care faculty have significant contributions to Undergraduate Medical Education in the School of Medicine at Queen's University. This includes classroom teaching, small group and clinical skills teaching and major administrative roles.

We have a very active and productive research program with several internationally recognized faculty. We participate regularly and actively with the research program through the Canadian Critical Care Trials Group. Many of our members have been successful at attracting significant peer-reviewed research grants. We also participate in many multicenter academic and industry sponsored research studies supported by a core group of research coordinators. Our trainees are also actively engaged in the research program.

I welcome you to browse our website for additional information and please contact us if you have further questions comments or suggestions.


John W. Drover, MD, FRCSC, FACS, CCPE
Professor and Head
Department of Critical Care Medicine
Queen's University
76 Stuart Street
Kingston, Ontario, Canada
K7L 2V7

Tel: 613 549-6666 x 6335