Department of Critical Care Medicine
School of Medicine Queen's University

External Links

Critical Care Links: 
Critical Care Rounds Online (Quarterly review)
Pulmonary Artery Catheter Education Project 
Open Heart Surgery Forum 
Medscape ( critical care ) 
Critical Care Forum 
Critical Care Review (FAQ's)
Critical Care Nutrition 

Technology Evaluation in the Elderly Network 

Medical Organizations: 
Canadian Critical Care Society 
Society of Critical Care Medicine 
The College of Physicians and Surgeons ( Ontario ) 
The Royal College of Physcians and Surgeons

Nursing Organizations: 
Canadian Association Critical Care nurses (CACCN) 
American Association of Critical Care Nurses 
College of Nurses of Ontario 
Canadian Nurses Association

Post Graduate Nursing Education: 
Critical Care Nursing Program: St. Lawrence College 
Queen’s University 
University of Ottawa 
Athabasca University 
University of Waterloo 
University of Victoria 
University of British Columbia

General Nursing Sites: 
Medscape nursing 
Evidence-based Nursing 
Transfusion Ontario Program

Pediatrics/ Neonatal: 
Pediatric Critical care Medicine 
The Virtual Pediatric Intensive Care Unit 
Pediatric Intensive Care Education 
Medscape pediatrics 
Emergency medicine

Critical Care Research: 
Critical Care Research Network 
Canadian Nurses Foundation

ACLS simulator 
Online simulators including PALS 
Breath sounds simulator 1 
Breath sounds simulator 2 
Breath and Heart sounds 
Heart Sounds simulator1 
Heart Sounds simulator2

Pain Management: 
Partners Against Pain

Therapeutic Touch: 
Therapeutic Touch Network ( Ontario) 
Nurse Healers-Professional Association.International

Medical Reference Material: 
Merck manual 
Kingston General Hospital Library 
Campus Bookstore, Queen’s University  ( click on health sciences ) 
Bracken Health Sciences Library (Botterell Hall)